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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 27, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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oh, behind the back to nate kratch. 16 points, 10 boards for kratch. brown ridge finished with 25 points. he can score. four of ten from beyond the arc. a big upset win, 76-68. the pro bowl will be played in orlando on sunday. they come up with new events to try to get attention. dodge ball is part of this. t.y. hilt wron against the world, last man standing for the afc just got o'dell beck han junior out. ultimately, can't hang on in the nfc would win at dodge ball. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. i'm reminded of a line, if you can dodge a wrench, he can dodge a ball. >> well with said. >> it is a classic. all right. "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app. >> check it there's never been a better time to come to bass pro shops
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. >> it's an all new show today, "right this minute." some spearfishermen suddenly realize. see the panic as they try to outsmart a shark and get back to the boat. >> an ambulance approaches a crossing with -- >> lights and sirens. >> the moment a midwife delivers her own miracle. >> oh! >> my brother ethan was born. >> an eight-year-old has got a fresh spin on the fresh prince of bel air reception. her brother cloe was born. >> then i was born and became the queen. >> plus bonus give away day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or an amazon echo. and flicking dad on the ear for a whole week. see what it takes before he's finally fed up. >> he does this, but does he
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ever does that? you duck, right? you duck! [ laughter ] >> we are riding with a predator right now. a spear gun turns into shark right there. this means this guy is fishing out in wer that's pretty murky. his predatory eyes spies a target. spears himself a fish. he's about to learn there's an entirely different view of the ocean. >> shark! >> that's called let's check, nach. >> this whole situation came out of nowhere. him and his buddy still in the water. you can hear the adrenalin rushing. >> oh. >> overreaction, let's get back if the water, shall we? these guys are kicking toward our boat like it is their only saveor.
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>> there's blood in the water and you are flailing about. >> the shark is in the water, get out of there. >> that is exactly what these guys do in some sort of record-setting time. both of them are out on to the boat. fish out of water situation. we go to florida where we join a couple of guys standing on the beach in the middle of the night. he's reeling it in, fighting with whatever is on the other end of the line. >> you at this point you hear how much of a mission it's been. >> nine hours. >> nine hours. at this point you are kind of like is it ever worth it and you see what's on the end of the line. >> that's a good one, man. >> oh, wow, that's huge. >> is that a big grouper? >> a goliath grouper in the name and literate since. take a picture. this is where they speculate as to the weight. >> this fish is probably close to 400 pounds. >> put him back. >> they send it back out there, because next time they reel it
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in it will be 500 pounds. >> oh, what a beast! >> never a good thing when the rescuers become the rescues so an intersection in russia. snowy roads causing some issues here. you've got an ambulance coming out from the left. lights and sirens, when suddenly -- watch. >> oh, my. is that the patient? >> no. that's the midwife to the pregnant woman who was on her way to the hospital. the midwife gets thrown out of the back of this ambulance and now is laying on the ground in severe pain because she suffered a broken knee in that incident. this is the driver of that suv. he says he just didn't see it at all. he said he was traveling at 40 miles an hour and suddenly the ambulance was in front of him. >> honestly, when i watch the video, my initial reaction is what is the ambulance doing. you can see it there. the car had almost no time to
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react and if it's that cold, you are skidding on the ice. >> what about the woman inside? reports say the woman and baby were not injured but the driver of the ambulance did suffer minor injuries. now to a tunnel in china. watch what happens here. >> yeah! >> it ain't over yet. >> what's going on with the roadway? >> the video happened to be captured by some folks who stopped inside the tunnel and thought that they had discovered an issue. this ice that had formed. it was just some water that was leaking into the tunnel but it was so cold that that ice began to build up and what you see here is this fan with several people inside hitting that bump at speed and it just sends the van out of control. it hits the side, spins around, smashes out the rear window. >> but it was just sheer coincidence that the people that stopped to get this video because they felt it was dangerous caught this on video.
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>> wow. ♪ ♪ >> the thing will smith fresh prince of bel air is classic. ♪ this is a story about how my life got twist upside down ♪ >> cloe put her own spin on it at her brother's wedding reception. >> so farks she's nailing it. >> zach went to college at california state. he moved too far away from all of us. i'm his only sis had to be taking the bus. thanks to this girl, i got my way.
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i became i'm pretty young but i got game. >> yes, she does. >> she's showing up literally anyone who ever given a toast at a wedding. >> raise up your glass to to a couple of each other. >> she's got one more thing. >> they told me to do >> cloe, cloe, cloe. >> cloe definitely stole the show. this next video was shot in 2014, making its rounds now. >> our parents will never let us marry. i want to elope. >> cancel! >> so silly. it's so great. >> welcome to my wife's life. essentially. >> cancel!
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>> it's today's bonus give away. >> two winners today, you'll need thursday's buzz word. a legal resident of u.s. or canada. stand by for the rtm ipad mini give you away. when you work in a high rise project, your number one concern is safety. that's what saved the lives of these three workers. here they are in brazil. what happened was a steel rope broke and that steel rope was supporting that platform because they had on their safety gear, they were saved. here's the thing. they were stuck there for half an hour but once the rescue started, it took two minutes to get them from where they were stuck down to the ground. >> the longest 30 minutes of their life. >> and that's why these regulations, these studies, these different organizations are in place to make sure this is how it's supposed to be done
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safely. all three of them were really glad that they checked their safety equipment that day. this little kid did need some safety equipment but he didn't have any. he and his buddy were playing on the ice like their parents told them not to but one of them fell through and couldn't get out. you see him clinging to the ice, holding on for dear life. villagers threw him some rope, that wasn't working. one villager along with a log jumped in the water and went out to rescue that boy. you can see him handing that log to the boy, that boy coming along, but at one point, the boy let go. the log moved. the guy has to make sure that little boy is coming in with him when he goes back to land. the little boy is back on the ice. the villager without any safety equipment cold as can be helped rescue this little boy. the little boy was taken to the hospital. they say he was unharmed. la-la-land recently nominated for 14 academy awards. >> it's a classic hollywood love story of a struggling actress
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for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d®. go pro not just changing the way we capture and share our extreme experiences. now they are also working for a cause. they are out on a great wall of china for a very special mission along with the international fund for animal welfare and the beijing raptor rescue center. >> what's interesting about beijing is it's nestled right at the base of these mountains. it's also right in the middle of a big migration. you can imagine what happens when a bird that's used to the wild flies into the city. it would just be chaos. >> that is a beautiful oul owl. what are you looking at? i'm about to break out of here. >> what are you looking at, i'm about to break out of here. >> two sent film makers document their work and the second they
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landed they were called because there was a raptor in distress and you see them document the process, not just the retrieval of the bird, but also they take it into the center where it is put through quite the expensive medical evaluation. you can see, it's x-rayed, treated, given fluids. it's kept at the center long enough until they determine that they are able to be released and then they embark on a journey to the great wall of china so that they can again release the birds to their most natural habitat. >> good for them. i'm glad that's being done. they also released this video as part of the fundraising campaign to help these organizations raise the funds that they need to be able to care for the bird. not just the medical treatment but also their food. >> the birds habitat outside to a city and released. >> la-la-land was recently nominated for 14 academy awards. now for people who haven't seen the movie, it's a classic
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hollywood love story of a struggling actress and a struggling musician. now, it's time for a new york city parody. this was made by comedian actor tyler fisher. >> you have this girl acting like emma stone and this guy acting like ryan gossling. she tries to ask him a question. the subway comes by, interrupts. >> i was trying to say i just saw you play. >> got any change? >> no. sorry. >> you guys got pay pal. >> square? >> only in new york. ruining their romantic moment. >> they are having a romantic moment. but can you when somebody is clipping their nails? these are things we all can identify with, but this poor couple. >> say something good. >> hey!
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>> finally, she asks the question. i'm just trying to ask if you want to get a coffee. >> i would love to. >> great. and she rewarded. he agrees. until, where do you live? >> i'm in queens. ♪ >> oh. >> geographically undateable. >> that's not going to work. i live on the west side. >> you want to watch the whole thing uninterrupted. click on tv show and check out our mobile app. a snake and a guana are going at it. see who has the strongest will to live. plus it's bonus give away day so don't miss your shot to win an ipad mini or an amazon
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act®. smile strong. sinusinus pressure? get vicks sinex for fast relief. sinex, the clear your head medicine. >> usually i'd be confident about the answer to this question and i'm looking around the table, but suddenly i'm not sure. ed 209, what movie am i talking about? >> ed 209. >> become to the future. >> if said ed 209. you are talking about the robo cop. i discovered the guy, i discovered i was not even close. they got a new thing called the saturday morning special, think along the lines of the movies you used to watch when you were a kid. they have decided to go out and build themselves a complete, full scale replica of ed 209. these guys are going to build it in their kitchen. >> oh. >> cool.
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>> they used photos of the full scale model that was used in the film and use a computer to create a 3 d model. they did some cheap 3 d printing. they found every part. they opened it up and flatten it out. and traced it on cardboard. tah-dah. they decide to go down and explore the world of vacuum forming so they can create plastic versions of the cardboard ones they built. you are thinking wow it's easy to do that when you don't have a job. there's a lot of dedication going on with these guys. especially james. >> james was hired as director of photography on another project. he started shooting 12 hours each day before coming home to spend another 4 hours on the robot. >> that's dedication. that is love to your craft. >> and the thing is this isn't some random project they are building. there is time pressure to this as well because they want to use it in a shoot. the very first time it was ever put together, painted, decorated
2:02 am
and everything, was on set. they never got to test it until it was time to use it. >> they just had to trust that all of their work was going to come together. >> it almost looks like they have taken footage from the movie. >> what a great accomplishment for them. meanwhile, mom is still waiting for them to take the trash out. >> there is this and the film that we shot, we'll make sure we get the links on our website. right this or use our mobile app. they decided to go take a wash at the -- walk in the park in australia. this is australia, a snake was involved. a snake and iguana, there they are fighting in the path weight. >> who is trying to eat whom? >> they think that maybe a moth snake. they do not eat. they stay around their eggs and protect them. iguana is like easy pickings.
2:03 am
no it wasn't. that snake has the will to live. >> look at that. >> that snake is not going to make it. >> when they walked by, they were still fighting. they don't know who won. a completely different experience for these two people in australia. t.k. harris was there with his bride on their honeymoon. of course, they went to the moon lit wildlife sanctuary. a couple of doe walla -- koalas getting affectionate. oh, got a butt pat. >> break it up, guys. >> the koala was able to hang on. that is the instigator right there. >> that was totally uncalled for. you go apologize to your brother. >> sitting there and thinking about what it did. >> you see that. like i'm a cold voil d -- koala. >> i have a tip, that was quite the stunt young man. it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day.
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we're giving away an ipad mini and amazon echo. >> you need to be a u.s. or canadian resident, and the buzz word. and 21 years old. >> today's buzz word is alexa. >> get to right this and enter today's buzz word, alexa. >> enter today because today is bonus give away today. one person is going to win an ipad mini and somebody else an amazon echo. >> tune in and good luck everybody. >> this dad just can't catch a break. >> because his like a lot of them. >> is hilarious. >> no, a pain in the butt! >> see the torture he was under
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and we're looking -- [ no
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>> he does this, if he ever does that, you are done. >>. [ laughter ] . >> but this went on for a week. >> [ bleep ]! >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> it doesn't matter where he's at. sitting on the couch, walking into the room, trying to get something to drink. >> [ bleep ]! >> holy! [ laughter ] >> of course it is. >> and it's irry tating, we don't have any kids, because of this video,


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